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Wind Quintet #1, opus 1 (8 min.) in 6 brief movements: Allegro, Aria, March, Scherzo, Pastoral, Burlesque. (with piccolo, optional English horn)
premiered by the New Mexico State Univ. Faculty Quintet 1970. pub. by Shawnee Press, Inc. (4 mvts ONLY!)
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Wind Quintet #4 ("American") opus 71 in F (14 min.) in 4
movements: Allegro giocoso, Andante, Scherzo-presto, Allegro molto.
(with piccolo, English horn)
premiered by the North Wind Quintet 1983
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Divertimento, opus 39, (8 min.) for oboe, English horn, bassoon. in 4 movements. premiered 1978.
pub. by Shawnee Press, Inc.
Crystal Records CD872
Aztec Fantasy for Small Ensemble, opus 128-C, (8.5 min.) in 3 movements:
Sunrise & Procession, Incantation, The Sacrifice.
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Pink Flamingos (a tango for Woodwind Quintet), (3 min.) (a popular encore piece, used often by the North Wind Quintet. premiered 1988 click here to listen
Harp Trio, opus 99, (16 min.) flute, viola, harp. in 3 mvts."DEBUSSY TRIO" AWARD WINNER. Premiered 1989 click here to listen
In Remembrance, opus 140, (12 min.) for piano, violin, cello. in 2 movements. written for the Blackbird Trio. Premiered 2002. click here to listen

Malibu Music, opus 113, (8.5 min.) for violin & viola. in 3 movements. premiered 1991

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Oboe Quartet, opus 41, (13 min.) oboe, violin, viola, cello. in 3 mvts. Premiered by the composer 1978

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Quintet #2, opus 87, (13 min.) clarinet & string quartet. in 2 mvts. Premiered 1985 click here to listen