CONCERTOS (and similar)

Concert Music, opus 12, for oboe with 4 violas, 2 cellos, bass.
in a single movement.
premiered by the composer 1971

Concerto Tri-Chroma, opus 18, for soloist on flute/alto
sax/clarinet, with band. in 3 movements.
Written on request by Cameron University.
premiered by Howard Klug 1975

Concerto, opus 25, for piano and orchestra. in 3 movements.
Commission from Lawton Philharmonic.
premiered by Stephan Bardas 1976

Concertino, opus 60, (14 min.) for oboe and small orchestra.
in 3 linked movements.

Concerto, opus 74, (14.5 min.) for flute and band. in 3 movements.
premiered by Lisa Edelstein 1984

Skolion of Seikelos - A Fantasy for oboe and band, opus 93,
(8.5 min.) (with English horn optional)
premiered by the composer 1986

Two Episodes, opus 94, ( 9 min.) for oboe/English horn with band.
premiered by Patti Lynn 1987

Triple Threat, opus 129, ( 18 min.) for 3 clarinets & orchestra.
(with Eb clar. & bass clar.) in 3 movements.
Written for Trio Indiana.
pub. by Woodwindiana, Inc.

Verdugo, opus 144 (13.5 min) 3 mvt concerto for flute
with small orchestra.
premiered 2004

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